Thursday, May 3, 2012

Selected News Links for March 22nd-24rth, 2012


Fed gov buying up all the 5.56 ammo back from civilian market?

10 Signs That America Is On The Verge Of A Horrible Municipal Debt Crisis

Napolitano on HR 347: Death of Free Speech

Feeding The Homeless BANNED In Major Cities All Over America

A billion dollars isn’t enough for Planned Parenthood

Monsanto ‘Biotechnology Book for Kids’ Caught Brainwashing Children

Infographic: Reevaluating The Costs And Benefits Of (Debt Bubble-Funded) Higher Education

NYPD Scanning The Irises Of Arrested Occupy Protesters

Seven Ways the Homeland Security State Has Taken Over Our Universities


Pop (Culture) Has Eaten Itself

12,200 registered lobbyists in  D.C. earning $3.3 billion each year influencing Congress'

Opinion: The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance

The Death Of Freedom In America, Courtesy of the NDAA and The Patriot Act

Charts: Obama Care In 5 Pictures

New Way to Hide Political Contributions, LLCs!

Video: Romney In 2002: My Only Connection To The GOP Is I’m A Registered Republican

Gov’t To Keep Info On Americans With No Terror Ties

New Obama Care regulation calls for free sterilization for all college women 


Ron Paul: The Only Choice Not Funded by Goldman Sachs and the NWO

VIDEO: Fast and Furious: The Hidden History of the Drug War

Video: TSA Stopping People On US Highways Without Warrants Or Probable Cause


Claim: Google Spying On Laptops Using Microphone!

Freedom of Movement in USA Under Threat from Fed Gov...did the terrorist just win?

They’re Watching: Homeland Security Tracking Visitors Across Alternative News and Prepper Web Sites

RFID enables brands to link users’ real-life experiences with Facebook

New Big Brother facial recognition system scans 36 million faces per second 

10 Reasons Why Nothing You Do On The Internet Will EVER Be Private Again

Is Your TV Watching You? Samsung’s Latest Sets With Built-in Cameras Spark Concerns


Putin, Russia & the West: The War [Russia-Georgia War] –  YouTube

China faces ‘timebomb’ of ageing population 

U.S. Intelligence Says Water Shortages Threaten Stability 

Chinese Internet Rumor Mill: Something is Up in China | Epoch Times 

Foreign Entanglements: Chinese Aerospace Power

Iran Stands At the Crossroads of the World—the Real Silk Road 

China will extend renminbi loans to BRICS

Libya: Dark And Very Ugly Secrets Surfacing

Turkish banks help Iran sidestep sanctions

On Tea Leaves, Oil, and War 

Delhi boosts military spending 17 percent 

U.S. Special Ops Commander and Navy SEAL to Oversee Mexican Military Training

Banksters and NWO

Efforts Continue to Outlaw Cash

The Ford Foundation and the CIA

Vatican Bank Account Closed At JP Morgan

Polish police confiscate $100 million in fake US treasury bonds

How "Interest Rate Swaps" Are Bankrupting Local Governments

Nine Strategies to End Corporate Rule

Lord Monckton –proves yet again that Global Warming is a scam

Globally coolest land temperatures since 1994

The Dallas Fed Is Calling For The Immediate Breakup Of Large Banks

Drug lords targeted by Fast and Furious were FBI informants

Eurozone banks rip-off ‘real’ sector to tune of trillions of euro

Free Ride! Meet the Companies That Don't Even Pretend to Pay Taxes

Big Banks Continue to "Suck at the Government" With Never-Ending Stealth Bailouts

Corzine Ordered $200M Moved to JP Morgan Days Before MF Global Collapse


Is O a CIA Controlled Manchurian President?

Did O pledge allegience to The Queen at White House dinner?

Immigration Records Missing For Week Of Obama’s Birth

Video: Birther Evidence GOES POSTAL! 

Video: Lord Monckton: ‘I’m No Birther,’ But Obama Birth Certificate ‘plainly A Forgery’

Hollywood Producer Bettina Viviano... 'Bill Clinton Directly Told Me Barack Obama Is Not Eligible'!

World Government

North American Union Has Arrived!

Seven Building Blocks for 'Heavy-Handed' World Government Outlined in U.N. Policy Paper

Does Genetically Modified (GM) Food Increase the Incidence of Obesity?

Proposed UN Environmental Constitution For The World

Hillary Clinton Agrees to 2012 Timetable for United Nations Gun Control Meeting

Control the Food, Control the People (Part 5)

Abortion...  What UK Children are Being Told in Schools

Alex Jones Breaks Down the Martial Law System with George Noory

The Legacy of the CIA’s Secret LSD Experiments on America

UN’s Kofi Annan: An Agent of Wall Street

The Most 15 Deadliest Corporations (w/Video)

Esoteric and Prophecy

The occult obsessions of Britain’s greatest scientist Sir Isaac Newton

Scientology and the Occult: Hugh Urban’s New Exploration of L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley

Damascus destroyed in a day

Vatican Representative In Israel Declares That ‘Jews No Longer The Chosen People’

Paul Harvey's Prophetic Words?

New Age Campaigns of 1928 -- Same themes in 2012


Tennessee Joins Texas in Fight Against UN’s Agenda 21 WIN!

Success: Campbell’s Will Remove BPA From Soup Cans

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