Tuesday, January 17, 2012

News Items for 2012 01 17

A Little Tech Can Go A Long Way

Dangerous Conspiracy Theories Take Root in Russia

House of Saud Gets Greedy

Quantum Computing a Little Closer

Guess Who Is Making Your Meds

Why People Like Ron Paul: He Actually Takes Positions and Has Been Consistent, For Years: EPA Example

Thyroid Cancer On The Rise, Fukushima to Blame?

Fukushima Radiation Continues to Spread

On The Fortean Side: Roswell, I Just Wasn't There

The NDAA Was Just the Beginning

Actually NDAA A Continuation, Just Broadening

Replacing Parts of the Brain with Non Organic Computers

Romney and Obama Both Have the Same Banker

Strange Sounds Being Heard Around the World

What Hipsters Don't Want You To Know About Their iPhone

Toys to Help People Understand The Dark Side

Conspiracies Never Come True Right?

Reason 453 To Stop Using Facebook

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