Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Selected Links for January 28th-29th, 2012

This is just a sampling, follow @infocyde on Twitter for many more important links

Alisa and the Russian Mafia 

Kids Drugs Coated with Brain Killer

Monsanto Man 2nd in Charge at FDA

More and More Esoteric Occultic Art Infiltrating Mainstream Culture

Testing Directed Energy Weapons of the Serfs

Self Guided Bullets Are Coming to a Mulah Near You

How The Feds Get Around the Constitution

Obama Misses a Court Date

Under 30? Live in the USA? You Are Screwed

While You Were Worried About the NDAA and SOPA, Government Signs 
ACTA Treaty, Way Worse

Who is Arming the Mexican Drug Cartels? The ATF

Japanese Population to Fall By 30% Over Next 50 Years (Psyop to 
partially cover population loss due to Fukushima?)

Who Owns the Media? 

The Elections are a Farce

Some Good News: Another Medical Breakthrough 

Got An Hour and a Half and Interested in Chemtrails? I'm not sure 
what to think, but stuff is raining down from jet exhausted that is 
suspicious. This guy sheds some light on maybe why.

The Illuminati Myth...Watch

How TV Affects the Brains of Kids

NDAA was First, Now They Want Our Guns

Man in Coma Looses Health Benefits Because He is Deamed Fit for Work

16 Signs Of Collapse

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