Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 21st - 22nd 2012 Selected Links

Government and New World Order

Federal Reserve Writes Sweeping Rules From Behind Closed Doors

55 Interesting Facts About The U.S. Economy In 2012

New Government Initiative Would Circumvent Second Amendment By Targeting Ammunition Not Guns

Those running the EU are trying to create world government, EU is stepping-stone.

California's local public pensions $135.7 billion short

Agenda 21 Forum for the Future Now Fully Exposed Industrial World Order


Iran cuts down to six weeks timeline for weapons-grade uranium

Iran Rejects UN Inspections, Threatens

The Dual Prophecies of Iran (Part 2) | Bible Prophecy Blog

Wife Admits: Slain Iranian Nuke Scientist's 'Ultimate Goal Was the Annihilation of Israel'


Has Satan Tricked Me?

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