Saturday, March 10, 2012

Infocyde Radio 0003 Weimar America Audio and Notes

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Radio Notes Weimar America Show 0003

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11)    Welcome
a)     Where to find us
2.     @infocyde on twitter
3.     Infocyde radio on facebook
b)    Tech warning, if I drop hang in there
c)     Intro loop provided by
d)    No show next week, change time to 9:00 starting 24rth
e)     Book Recommendation for this Week:  Operation Trojan Horse John A keel
f)      Promo of the Week: Russ Dizdar
g)     Change of time from 9:30 to 9:00 24rth and the 31st, no show next week
h)    Words of Wisdom: Proverbs 22:7 The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender
i)       Search: fort deidrick mossad Joseph Moshe
j)       Call in number
22)    Topic – Weimar America (Is America in danger of Becoming Nazi Germany? No order, just thoughts)
1.     Weimar – Intro
2.     Hyper Inflation:
a.      Mark went from 9:1 to 4 trillion to 1 in 5 years
b.     Middle class destroyed (seeing a slow roll of that now here)
c.      Financial class built empires
d.     Stabilized in 1923, but damage done, Nazi’s gained a told hold
e.     Inside says that US most likely will lose half to 60% of dollar value
f.       Just like Germans, will you blame yourself or powers that be for devaluation
g.     Foreign loans needed to prop up economy, floated by US in 1924 and 1929, US 1929 crash final straw that broke weimar’s back
h.     Will US see hyper inflation? My opinion yes, but I’m not an expert
i.        Elites already changing investments to hard assets and away from US bonds
j.       Federal Reserve is monetizing our debt to the tune of billions a month
3.     Weak leadership and Cronyism
a.     The “green” companies
b.     GM and Ford
c.      Highest corporate tax in world, yet most US big companies pay little or even negative income tax
d.      Too big to fail means to big to succeed.
4.     Class warfare and exploiting the divisions of society in Weimar
a.     Various fascist, communist, anti-communist, patriot groups
b.     Occupy Wall Street’s summer fun
c.      Obama’s own civilian force
5.     Natsec infiltration into society / crack down
6.     Out of balance respect for military vs civilian institutions
7.     Both “Christian Nations”
a.     14,000+ Evangelical churches, only about 500 of them stood up against what happen
b.     Faith based initiatives, government money under bush, crack, now means of controlling dissent, trying to keep their “seats at the table”
c.      IRS and Non Profit / Tax exempt status
d.     Clergy Response Teams – Priest/ Pastors actually spying on flocks in some cases
8.     Rise of Conspiracy Theories, mistrust, anti-semitism
9.     Some differences
a.     Two party system vs parliamentary system
b.     Techo surveillance state
c.      Who will be demonized this time? Conservatives? How does green religion play in.
d.     Lacking Charismatic figures
e.     Class warfare a harder sell here
f.       Things are really not that bad here yet, they are worse than 2008, but relative to world not horrible…yet
g.     We need to worry about the top in this country, not a mass movement coming from the bottom, but that might have been exactly what the initial protesters of Weimar thought, they were later co-opted
h.     Watch suicide rates, homelessness
i.        As a nation we are more savage than the Germans
j.       The camps are already here.
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