Thursday, March 8, 2012

March 2nd - 3rd, 2012 Selected News Links

Geopolitics and World Affairs

Brazil Slams the West’s Currency War

Pakistan Rejects US Sanctions Threat, Will Expand Energy Ties With Iran

Analyst uncovers $38 billion retail jihad

China in Sea Row With Vietnam –

Pentagon fails to give Congress the China military power report.

U.S. Busts 29 Over $325 Million in Counterfeit Chinese Goods

Euthanasia Squads Offer 'Death by Delivery' to Patients' Homes

The Home Front 

Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks Outright Starting Today

Public Pension Ponzi Scheme; New York Cities Borrow From Pension Plan to Make Contributions

The Death of the Great American Middle Class

The Waning of the American Dream by Zbigniew Brzezinski – The Globalist

The Foreclosure-to-Rental Boondoggle

The trillions the government doesn’t account for

Justices In Closed-Door Meeting With Europeans On Speech Freedom

Video: Rep. Darrell Issa On The Latest With Eric Holder & Fast And Furious

IRS Battling Conservatives Over Tax-exempt Status

In the Wilderness

The Wilderness Temptation

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